Sunday, September 21, 2008

Android = iPhone?

From this side of the ocean, the way people think about mobile phone prices in the US seems very unusual.

With the launch of the first Android phone imminent, I read tons of articles like this quoting that the expected price tag is $199, "in line with what Apple's charging". The same article does not spend a word mentioning how much an iPhone customer pays during the first 2 years, or speculating what it would take for an Android phone customer.

Please, wake up. $199 does not matter. $60 each month for 2 years does.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome

Working at Google means some excitement each day. Coworkers are working on projects I have never heard before, so when we make an announcement, it frequently comes as a surprise: "Oh, did we work on this?"

With the announcement yesterday this was not the case. Everyone at Google knew that we are working on this. Hence, I was very excited, because know you know it too: the Chrome browser is public! At the moment it's only a blog post and a cartoon, but hopefully you will all learn more in a day.